Our Guide to Hull

Fun facts about Hull you didn't know

The face of Hull has changed beyond recognition over time but some parts of its landscape and history and even the most interesting of tiny details have been forgotten, no matter how mind blowing they are.

From Ferensway’s origins to Mytongate where criminals would spend the rest of their days, before Hull Prison was even thought of, you might not even believe the history of some seemingly normal locations.

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DoubleTree Hotel Hull

Fun facts about Hull you didn't know

1. Ye Old White Hart


Ye Old White Hart Pub on Silver Street Hull is believed to have played a substantial part in the English Civil War.

In the room know the Plotting Parlour the decision was taken in 1642 to refuse Charles I entry to the town. This sparked the first siege of Hull.

2. Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson, the first female polite to fly alone from Britain to Australis was born in Hull on the 1st July 1903. To mark this there are 59 giant moth sculptures on walls throughout Hull.

3. Size Counts

Hull is home to England's Smallest Window, not only is this in the heart of the Cities old town the windows can be located on the side of one of the cities oldest surviving pub. George Hotel, Hull.

4. The Rank Organisation

The Rank Organisation, which owned five leading film studios including Pinewood Studios, was founded by Hull-born J. Arthur Rank in 1937. Classic Rank film productions include Brief Encounter, Great Expectations, In Which We Serve and, of course, several of the Carry On series.

5. The Humber Bridge

At the time it opened, the Humber Bridge used to be the largest single-span suspension bridge in the world – now it’s the seventh, but it’s still pretty long. And it can still lay claim to one title; the bridge remains the longest single-span suspension bridge that you can walk or cycle all the way across.

6. The White Boxes

If you’ve been for a wander around Hull, you may have noticed something slightly different, all of our phone boxes are white. So why? Essentially, at the point at which all of the country’s telephone companies were absorbed by BT, Hull decided to buy its own and keep it under the city’s control. As a result, Hull is the only place in the country not served by BT and kept its own white boxes instead of switching to Red.

7. The Pattie!

The Pattie is a delicacy that is unique to Hull. Although many other cities have tried to claim is their own the Pattie was made and produced in Hull. Found in nearly all fish and chip shops the Pattie or what everyonecraves the "Pattie butty" remains to be one of Hulls most famous delicacy's.

8. The Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire's must have on a Sunday Roast, Hull is home to the largest Yorkshire Pudding Factory in the UK, Aunt Bessie's. This factory produces five hundred million frozen Yorkshire Puddings every year. Although we all prefer a good home made Yorkshire Pudding on our Sunday plate, you can never dislike Aunt Bessie's!

9. The Boiled Sweet

The boiled sweet was first invented in Hull, which is also the birthplace of the following medical treatments: Lemsip, Bonjela and Gaviscon.

10. The Largest Fair!

Hull’s fair is the largest travelling fair in Europe and one of the oldest too boasting a 700th anniversary in 1993! The fair stops in Hull for one week every October.

11. The Name

Hull's official name is Kingston upon Hull and people from the city are "Hullensians”

12. WaterFront

Hull is Yorkshire's only waterfront city.

13. LCD

The liquid crystal display (LCD) was developed by the University of Hull

14. Poetry

It has been called the "most poetic city in England", and has been home to poet Philip Larkin and Andrew Marvel.

15. William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce who led the bill that freed slaves in British colonies hailed from the city

16. One of a Kind

Hull is home to The Deep, the world's only Submarium.

17. The Fish Trail

There are 41 fish plaques in walls and pavements on the historic fish trail around the oldest parts of the city.

19. A Network of Tunnels

There are a network of Underground Tunnels below, Paragon Station, Sugar mill and other places within Hull city Centre.

From ancient tunnel networks used by monks to vast underground drains you can drive a Mini through, Hull has its fair share of subterranean treasures.

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